Lily Marie West Trust Fund

Many of you knew or were friends with or loved or worked for or worked with Keith West. Unfortunately, this fine man was murdered by his girlfriend Tiffany Bassett on July 18th, 2006. This situation leaves many people without a friend, a good number of good people without a job, and many people with a void in their heart.

Updated September 6th, 2008

Well, Tiffany finally admitted it. She admitted to killing my buddy, Keith West, when she pled guilty to Second Degree Murder September 5th, 2008 for committing this heinous crime.

All of the years (yes, years!) of lying and denying have been exposed for what they are. Yes, Tiffany Ann Bassett finally admitted to being the worthless piece of human debris that many of us knew she was from the start. She admitted to killing Keith, a distinguished law man and police chief, in cold blood back in 2006. Of course, this still shows how useless of a person Tiffany is. Besides committing this murder, and stealing from a man who gave her a job, a place to live, and treated her like a queen, and writing forged prescriptions for Oxycontin all over Johnston and Harnett Counties, she was also perfectly happy to drag all of Keith's family, friends, and loved ones through over two years of hell on earth, by forcing this issue to trial instead of admitting her guilt from the start. May God have mercy on her soul.

The worst part of this situation it is that it still leaves Keith's daughter, Lily Marie West, without a Daddy, and with a worthless mother who will spend the next 221 to 275 months in the North Carolina Prison System. Ironically, when I met Keith, he was a Sergeant at Central Prison in Raleigh.

Early on in this case, Tom Lock, the former District Attorney, in Johnston County, decided not to pursue the death penalty, for reasons best known only to him. It would seem possible to argue for a death penalty under the theory that the murder was committed for pecuniary gain, or that it was intended to disrupt or hinder the the enforcement of laws. (See NCGS 15A-2000(e)(6-7) for the death penalty aggravating circumstances statute.) This is because Tiffany was apparantly trying to prevent Keith from proscecuting her theft of money from West-Tek, using an ATM card. She was charged with seven counts of financial transaction card fraud that occurred on July 14th, 2006. The murder of Keith would seem to be related to this. In any case, what is done is done.

Please help Lily Marie with what has been a cruel start to her life. We can't replace Keith. We can't turn back the clock and change things. We can, however, give of ourselves, and donate some money to help Lily as she goes through life.

Contributions of funds may be made to:

Lily West Trust Fund
c/o First Bank
PO BOX 1178
Angier, NC 27501

Thank you, and God bless you.

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I have received a few threatening phone calls and emails from people who have taken umbrage at this website. You can save your time and effort in calling me. Yes, this website says that Tiffany Bassett killed my friend Keith West. That is what the Johnston County Sheriff's Office, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, District Attorney Tom Lock, and a Johnston County Grand Jury all say happened. That is why Tiffany has been charged and indicted for First Degree Murder. As soon as they all tell me they were wrong, I will be happy to remove mentions of Tiffany from this website. As long as we are doing this, I will go ahead and tell anyone who thinks otherwise to look up WRAL, the News and Observer, and the Dunn Daily Record. I am sorry, but her secret is out. So is her secret about how she was writing forged prescriptions for Oxycontin all over Johnston and Harnett Counties, and how she was stealing Keith blind. If you do not like this, I have just two words, "So what?" Feel free to send your emails, but don't feel bad if I don't really care what you think. Do something positive, like contributing to Lily's trust fund.

Update 9/6/2008: Guess what? I was right. She admitted to it. So all of you people who like Tiffany can stop emailing and calling me. If you defend her, you are just as worthless as she is.


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